Wayver provides a suite of RFID enabled solutions to help your event be one to remember.

Everything from cashless payments to access control to complex event WIFI solutions.

How does wayver work?

The Wayver suite offers fantastic ways to run your next event seamlessly.

Check it out and get in contact with us to find out more.

Learn how Wayver customers can use the system at your next event.

Wayver payment

Fast, easy and secure cashless payment for your business - whether you're in the hospitality industry with hotels and resorts, or organising an event.

Wayver access

RFID enabled entry, exit and capacity control for your business. Impress stakeholders with this invaluable data.

Wayver internet

If your business or event has a medium to large attendance (10,000+), often a 3G connection won’t suffice. Wayver provides internet solutions that will allow other aspects of your business (including merchants) to benefit from the service.

Wayver membership

Allowing clients to grow their own membership client base and have their members rewarded for using their services. Benefits include discounted products for members, increased engagement and create your own currency for your clients.

How does Wayver help me run and manage my event?

Wayver is designed to make your event easy and remove some of the common problems when operating events.

No cash handling

Cash is taken at the point of ‘top up’ and managed by Wayver in a closed loop.

All vendors at the event do not need to accept manage cash eliminating risk on the event organizer and reducing the possibility of theft.

Eliminate financial fraud and human errors

All sales made through Wayver are tracked against a list of approved inventories.

All sales do not require any manual entering of product information or values.

Reduce staff and infrastructure costs

Reduce staff numbers to service your event. Our kiosks remove the need for singular customer interaction and POS set up, removing human error and also reducing your budget.

When using Wayver all vendors at an event do not need their own EFTPOS, POS or internet to make sales. They will be issued with a Wayver reader loaded with their products for fast and efficient service, in turn, everyone wins.

Streamlined customer experience

Cashless payments with Wayver means quick transactions. Customers do not need to enter a pin or wait for network confirmation simply approach a vendor, ‘order’ and ‘swipe’.

Cashless payment systems reduce queues by up to *60% and transaction times down to less than 1 second after product selection.

Customers can get rid of their wallet and use a single payment card or wristband to purchase product.

Transaction & hire fees

Stop giving your money to the bank. All transactions done via Wayver do not incur Eftpos or Bank fees.

No need to hire or rent Eftpos terminals all transactions are done via the Wayver mobile POS.

Detailed reporting

For an event organizer it can be difficult if not impossible to see what products are being sold across all vendors at an event and how much revenue is being generated but with Wayver all that information is made visible via detailed reporting.

Use the product sales information to leverage sponsorship deals with partners.


Music Festivals


Marathons and Runs


Food and Drink

Carnivals & shows

Temporary Venues
Carnivals & Fairs

Corporate & exhibitions

Corporate Hospitality

Fixed venues

Theatres & Arenas

Our platform

Wayver has been built from the ground up to make it easier for you, whether you are an event promoter, a venue owner, a merchant or a person attending a Wayver event.

Satellite, wifi, internet access (rural or city connections)

Cash is taken at the point of ‘top up’ and managed by Wayver in a closed loop.

All vendors at the event do not need to accept manage cash eliminating risk on the event organizer and reducing the possibility of theft.

Real time reporting

As an event operator you can view revenue and sales statistics in real time.

Access control & capacity tracking

Meet government accreditation requirements and track customer entry and exit on the day of your event.

On the day changes

Product inventory and event configuration can be updated on the day so you can adapt to changes in the moment.

Fast accounting

Wayver aims to deliver a streamlined service. Payments are made back to the event organiser and vendors within 48 hours of event closure.

Why Wayver?

We help you make your event great

Robust and secure system

The system has been designed from the ground up with security in mind and utilizes industry standard AES encryption to secure transactional data.

The Wayver system is deployed in the cloud and can scale up to hundreds of thousands of users.

Why Wayver?

We help you make your event great

Enterprise hardware & software experience

Wayvers development team have years of experience in the enterprise, government and hospitality space and have put that experience to use to deliver a modern and reliable solution to the event market.

Why Wayver?

We help you make your event great

Event experience

Wayvers operational team have been involved in the event space for over 10 years and have run multiple successful events and festivals in their own right.

Wayver knows how to run events and understand the challenges on the day to help you deliver.

Our clients